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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

We are a team of vehicle locksmiths you can depend on anytime.

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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our team provides top notch business locksmith solutions that care about your safety and productivity.

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Domestic Locksmith

Domestic Locksmith

Ours is a lock security service you can lean on, anytime.

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Locksmith Epsom

It is our commitment to maximise door security for homeowners. That is why our locksmith company offers a full range of professional solutions including, UPVC door lock installation. The need for a new lock arises when the old one is damaged beyond repair or has become greatly outdated. Our technicians will always recommend the best possible solution. In case of a home lockout due to lost keys, the lock will be inspected first. If it offers adequate protection, it will be rekeyed. If it is old and can no longer provide the required level of security, it will be changed. With our installation service, you can select the ideal new lock for your needs. You will receive all of the required information and advice. The new device will be fitted securely and tested to confirm that it works as it should. Our repair service is equally reliable and effective. We use advanced repair techniques and tools for delivering the best results. Our spare parts are specially selected for their strength, durability and functionality. If the problem comes from the door and not from the lock, it will be resolved perfectly as well. The unit will be carefully repaired so that it can work as well as before while offering the optimal level of security. UPVC door adjustment is included in the service when required. The door is adjusted so that it aligns precisely with the frame and the bolt of the lock goes directly into the hole of the strike plate.

Our company provides professional locksmith services for all types of door, window or auto locks. We can ensure all the locks in your property and vehicles are in prime working shape. If you have a broken or faulty lock, you don't have to put up with it until it fails completely. We can execute professional replacements, repairs, installations and supply a range of quality designs and brands.

Locksmith Services in Surrey

Let Us Fix Your Broken Car Locks

We have auto locksmith experts with many years of experience. If you have been locked out of your car due to a broken lock, we can come to bypass it and let you in. Once it’s open we can provide a spare key, if yours has been lost. We can also repair trunk locks and ignition locks so that you can gain access and be on your way sharply.

Have Your Locks Installed Flawlessly

We can work with all lock designs. If you need a new main door lock or set installed, we can come and make sure each unit is fitted perfectly for you. When you have a professional handle it, you get the peace of mind knowing that the best positioning has been applied as well as perfect assembly.

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24 Hour Services for All Kinds of Scenarios

Locks can fail you at any time. Whether you have a bad late night lockout situation or find locks broken on your car or main doors at desperate hours, we can come and help. You can count on us to arrive with 24 hour locksmith services. Have locks changed, replacement keys provided and your life brought back to normal as soon as you need it.

Key Cutting You Can Trust

Locksmith Epsom, Surrey

If you need new sets of keys cut for spare sets or to replace lost ones, we can provide them on the spot. All of our locksmiths keep mobile key cutting machinery with them at all times. We can provide quality keys cut to perfection in exactly the quantities you need.

Have Locksmith Epsom Fix Your Locks Today!

Locksmith Epsom is based in Surrey, and we fully prepared to come and help all those within our local area of operation. It's best never to leave doors or windows unlocked overnight or during the day if you are out and about. Call us now to have your home properly secured.

When to Call a Commercial Locksmith

Read about various situations where a locksmith will be able to help repair or replace the locks on a commercial property, including the advantages of booking a professional.

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Free Your Hands from Keys

Nowadays, we don't have to worry about such things, since entering the digital age whereby one can enjoy the merits of digital locks.

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Handling office lockouts

An office lock out is an oversight that would prove to be most detrimental to any business establishment. Without access to the office, its employees and workers won’t be able to perform any of the requisite tasks

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